Emergency Dentist in Warwickshire

At Andrew Lee Dental Practice we understand that dental problems do not always happen at convenient times. We keep appointments free everyday during our normal opening hours so that we can help you promptly if you need help between your regular dental appointments.

A dentist will be able to see you and provide emergency treatment to ensure you are able to return to your other commitments. If treatment is more complex then your treatment plan will be discussed and once we have agreed the best way to look after you then further appointments can be arranged.

If we are not your usual dental practice we will always try to see you promptly for an emergency appointment if you need help. Our dental examination is currently on a special offer of £54.70 and we will then advise on treatment costs. We can often solve simpler problems at your initial appointment.

This week the main emergency appointments available are

Monday 21st May              afternoon appointments

Tuesday 22nd May            morning and afternoon appointments 

Wednesday 23rd May       morning and afternoon appointments

Thursday 24th May           morning and afternoon appointments

Friday 25th May                morning appointments 

Bank Holiday Weekend     please telephone practice - emergency details on the answermachine

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Please call 01926 330606 for further information.

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